he said/she said: special hahahahaha edition

steter: I peed down my leg this morning.

l-jo: (still asleep) what?

steter: I peed down my leg.

l-jo: I don’t … what?

steter: I was using the bathroom, and a cat jumped out of the hamper.


steter: It was all gnarly.

l-jo: Did you let it outside?

steter: I don’t know where it went.

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  • Jaydubs

    I think I told you once about how Kyle opened the back door, started to step out, screamed like a little girl and then jumped back in the kitchen, didn’t I? He was terrified because a kitten on the back steps had surprised him. I can’t begin to imagine how he’d react to this–somehow, I don’t think pee’d be the only bodily fluid* that would escape him.

    *poop’s considered a fluid, right?