Let there be (pleasingly dim) light

you can barely see the switch that saved our marriage

you can barely see the switch that saved our marriage

My husband has delivered light, as promised.  And he also installed dimmer switches, which means I do not have to divorce him!

Seth obviously has some sort of high-functioning-aspberger-related light sensitivity that forces him to walk around the house in the evening to randomly unscrew all the lightbulbs.

I don’t mind low wattage, but burned out lightbulbs drive me crazy, which is unfortunate, because as a person suffering short stature, it takes a great deal of effort to get near a light fixture. And inevitably, when I finally get up there with a replacement, I discover that the bulb has not burned out, but rather, my husband has unscrewed it.

My parents used to crack up at this phenomenon. When they visit they would reach up to screw in a perfectly good non-burned-out lightbulbs and they would say, “Hey, look! He got another one!” and they would laugh and laugh and laugh.

I would throw objects.


Now Seth can happily go about his 10-watt lifestyle with the ease of a smooth switch — and also without making me want to murder him!

He has already complimented our home for its dimness.

I love technology.

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  • Jaydubs

    Kyle has nearly precisely the opposite problem–he cannot operate in the dark, and he forgets to turn off lights when he leaves a room. It is not unusual for me to come home and find, between the basement, first floor and second floor, six or seven rooms lit. Makes me freakin’ crazy.