Air raids in Bangs, Ohio

No, I’m not talking about Iran. But the dangers are similarly disconcerting.


I’m already suffering a constant state of anxiety for some reason, but the prospect of discovering another hawk attack on our chickens tonight is tying my stomach in knots.

Our evil hawk friend again decided to freeload off our livestock for an easy meal. Typical entitlement attitude from a government-protected bird of prey.

Last night, he killed his second Golden Buff. Did I mention that these chickens are about 12 weeks old, and that they start producing eggs around 16-18 weeks? So basically we’re in the “investment” part of the game and have not reached the “sweet omelet payoff” stage.  So close. So close. Such a waste of time and money.

Again, we caught the bastard hawk SECONDS after he had pecked the main artery out of one of our chicken’s necks. Blasted creature! I hope he chokes on her. He got her right in front of the door to the coop. She was so close. So close.

Again, we took his meal from him before he had the satisfaction of completing it, but I feel he is undeterred.

This morning, literally as our car had crossed our property line, we see the hawk swoop in a fast, hard line for the chicken coop area.


There is no one there to ILLEGALLY SHOOT HIM while he EATS OUR BIRDS.

Gaw! We’ve finally gotten to a point where we’ve outsmarted raccoons, skunks, weasels and FERAL CATS in this chicken-raising game. We are really good at identifying the culprits in these chicken crime scenes.


The chickens seem safe when they’re in the barn or pecking around under the trees or in the tall brush. It’s when they traverse between these objects that they get nailed. We can’t exactly put a net over the entire property, can we? Does a scarecrow protect against hawks? He is very skiddish. But he’s also seemed to figure out our work schedule? That thing can see me get up out of bed and walk toward the bedroom window from about 50-100 feet away. His sight is amazing. But he spooks easily.

HOW IS HE ABLE TO POUNCE ON AND KILL SOMETHING TWICE HIS SIZE? Must be the talons? Our chickens are afraid of airplanes they spot thousands of feet in the sky. How does he do it? Is it okay that part of me thinks the hawk is really awesome?

Another worthy foe.

I am going to send our chickens to a factory farm where they will be well-cared for.

Either that or I’m going to do something illegal.

I’ll never tell.

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