GPOYAS!: Where are my ovaries?

27 weeks

27 weeks

As my stomach expands, I get nervous about keeping track of my parts.

I understand that my abdominal muscles are stretching out around the outside of my belly. That’s a little weird when I flex, but at least I KNOW where they are. The internal organs are a mystery. I’ve completely lost track. I’m pretty sure that my food goes behind or above the baby, but what of the rest of them? Where are they headed?

This diagram doesnt really help.

This diagram doesn't really help.

Most disturbing of all are the ovaries, which normally are attached to the uterus, right? But my uterus is now the size of a basketball, so what happened to the ovaries? Are they along for the ride on the upper left and right sides? Plus, they’re not releasing eggs. What are they doing in there?

Hollywood does not address this subject.

Hollywood does not address this subject.

Plus my daughter has her own pair of ovaries in there. What are THEY doing? BIOLOGY IS SO WEIRD!

In other gestational news, I feel like I just did one of these updates.

As you are aware, the first trimester of pregnancy is grueling and slow and one week feels like 10 weeks and you spend your days and nights consumed with the idea that the whole thing is going to blow up in your face at any second.

The second trimester is like, whhaaaaa? We’re still going? Wow. How ’bout that.


In the second trimester, sure, you have some hang-ups, like assuming that the baby’s cord and H1N1 are going to kill both of you, along with the usual dangers like turkey sandwiches and toilet bowl cleaner, but does anybody know how we got this far this fast?

And how is it possible that we have 85 days until a baby arrives? That doesn’t sound like a lot of days until our lives are forever altered. We need to get a railing on the staircase! And a crib! And we need to register! And … like … get a car seat! Hospital tour?! Deep breaths! Deep breaths.

Seth and I have been watching birth videos. Well, I have been watching them online while Seth practices Lamaze and hides in the corner of the bed under the covers. I’m not kidding. Now he invokes the Lamaze breathing pretty much whenever I point at my belly.

The time is drawing near, and it’s too much for my little Steter.

I haven’t told him that we’re officially, as of Friday, in the third trimester.

I mean, I HAVE noticed some signs. It’s been a little harder to put on socks. And there is a new waddle that happens when I walk up the stairs. Two weekends of work on the house forced mid-afternoon naps in the middle of the weekend.

I hope Seth doesn’t catch on that we’re in the third and final round of gestation.

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  • Shelby

    Your torso is absolutely adorable!

  • Lisa

    I have to agree with Shelby on that one.

  • JMc

    Are you interested in a used crib? Do not think for a minute that I will be offended if you want to get a brand spankin new one, but we’re done with ours and it actually made the move with us. If you’re interested, it’s yours — if not, it goes to Material Assistance Providers.

  • Jaydubs

    My goodness, less than three months! Crazy.

    And those diagrams make me feel cross-eyed. I *knew* I should’ve paid more attention in biology class. And to second (third?) other folks, you’re lookin’ good, lady! Although I will maintain ’till the day you go into labor that your tum-tum looks much smaller in person.

  • dammitbilly

    You’re chock full of baby!