Help me be rural with MATH!

In the next 24 hours, I am going to go to the Owl Creek produce auction.

While last year we experienced a crop of the Red Menace that overtook our land and home, this year, due to lack of maintenance, our garden looks like this:



So I am going support the Amish establishment, and I’m going to outbid Kroger or the roadside stand riffraff whoever it takes to obtain enough tomatoes to fill the Honda, thereby creating the world’s first Google search result for ”Honda full of tomatoes.”

Here is the problem. I’ve never been to a produce auction, but my country friends tell me that tomatoes are sold by the pound, and that you need to be careful which Lot you bid on. Sure, 25 cents per pound is an awesome price for tomatoes, but that is because you are buying a semi-truck load full of them.

Or roughly this many tomatoes.

Or roughly this many tomatoes.

But I want to buy this many pounds of tomatoes:

11.5 cubic feet. How many pounds of tomatoes will fit in the Honda?

11.5 cubic feet. How many pounds of tomatoes will fit in the Honda?

Between the Secret Amish Elfin Language and my lack of basic math skills, I am assuming that tomorrow’s trip to the produce auction is shaping up to produce a bounty of Blog Gold.

I’m saying that now to make sure everything goes smoothly. God-willing, I have over-promised.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow morning, on Saturday I am going to gas up the pressure canner. It is going to be 70 degrees. I am going to sit on the porch all day and watch the steam vent spin round and round. The number of pints will be outrageous. I am going to feed my family for the winter.

And we are never going to speak of the 2009 Teter Garden ever again.

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  • Ben Lachman

    Ok here goes:

    11.5 cu ft. converts to 9.24 bushels. As everyone knows, a bushel of tomatoes weighs in at roughly 53lbs. So you’re looking at 489.72 lbs of tomatoes.

    This all relies on you using every last little nook and cranny of your civic’s hind space. More realistically I’d say of that 11.5 cu ft, something like 8 is actually useable. This gives us about 6 bushels of tomatoes (6.428511624232 to be exact), or 340 lbs. I’d buy 200-300 lbs and call it even if I were you.