Guess whose bona fide?!


Although the “key terms” I need to study are a little startling, it’s me! It’s me who is bona fide!

Hide your grandmothers … I’m a state tested nurse’s aide. Or at least I could be one. Probably on the weekends. You know, to save for maternity leave!

I give all the credit to my current employer, who inspired in me an urgency to elevate Plan Sometime to Plan “B,” for Best Be Gettin’.

Now, to search for a second job near my home. I am open to solicitations.

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  • Jaydubs

    Nice work on the hand-washing, lady!

  • Lisa

    My family often employs peeps like you to take care of my grandmother when they and her regular care-givers are out of town. Let me know if you’re interested in subbing and I’ll pass on your name!

  • Lyndsey


  • Megan

    It figures you would score somewhat lower in “mental health” but congrats anyway! I hope someone like you can clean my taint when they put me in a home.

  • Dennis

    Vest restraint in bed? That’s hot.