“It feels like I’m staying in a hotel, there’s so much luxury!!”

Editor’s note: There are two buttons to push once you’ve written a blog. There is the “POST” button, and there is the “DRAFT” button. They say web publishing is easier than it’s ever been, but I find myself having trouble discerning between the two buttons. As a result, things don’t get published, and the unwashed masses go hungry. Here is what you missed this week from theteet.com:

Seth was as giddy as a school girl last night because I fed him coffee after 8 p.m. and also because this weekend, we made the Full Bedroom Transition. It is not as sexy as it sounds, but pleasurable nonetheless.

For the uninitiated, since moving to Bangs in 2006, we never have had a clothes in a closet with doors in our bedroom.

Our clothes have moved from closets in our living room to unfinished bedroom closets, to construction-induced wall-holes to piles on the floor to … well … they’ve been around. More recently, we had some of our wardrobe hanging in two holes in our living room wall.  We had the rest hanging on our closet doors, which had been removed,  stacked and shoved in between the couch and the wall. As a result, a mouse or some type of woodland creature ate one of my favorite sweaters. It’s a complicated thing to explain.

With our bedroom nearing completion, we finally moved our wardrobe into the BEDROOM CLOSETS that we built into the second story knee walls. I painted closet doors this weekend, and by the end, we were able to sort of lean them in the opening in such a way that it appeared we were sleeping in a bedroom with closets. with doors. with clothes inside them.

I can’t over-emphasize how excited we are about this.

Maybel is so happy for closets that she has spent the last two nights sleeping in them. I am a little offended, honestly. Maybe it is for the best.

All this during the best birthday weekend ever. But I’m not sure that society will accept my birthday, because to outsiders, it may sound lame.

Some would say that sitting on the picnic table, leisurely painting closet doors and trim is no way to spend a birthday. I tell them to suck it! And then I apologize because that was really rude and inappropriate.

I love my birthday, my husband who fed me dinner in bed and cleaned my house for me and HAS PROVIDED CLOSETS FOR ME, my mother, father and sister, who drove down to BANGS to buy me dinner and clothes and and ICE CREAM CAKE, and my in-laws who drove up to CBUS to buy me dinner and shower me with gifts and money.

Everything’s comin’ up Teeeeeet!

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  • Marci

    Happy Birthday!