I made a lot of flippin’ pesto this weekend. Two plants stripped and … errrr … five to go. I’m embarrassed to say there are eight cups of pesto in the deep freezer. That’s roughly two million servings.

So I may have overestimated the amount of basil that one family needs. But Ohio winters are long. And we probably won’t be getting out much Dec./Jan. We’ll have plenty of oil and pine nuts to keep us warm.

I would like to be buried in pesto ingredients.


Don’t say pesto.

Pestoly. Pestoly. Pestoly.

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  • jaydubs

    Damn, girl. Did you do this all with your itty-bitty food processor?

    One can never have too much pesto. I regret only having two basil plants this year. That was a big screw-up on my part. And think what fancy dinners you and Steter and Lady Tot will have!

  • Anonymous

    Also, your pestopalooza sounds way better than the pestapalooza I’ve experienced this summer. What a difference a vowel makes!

  • jaydubs

    Um, that was me. Whoops.