Who would you rather be slowly worn down by?

Editor’s Note: This outdated post has been floating in Draft Purgatory for several days.

Today, after writing this article, I received the following constructive criticism from a reader:

” and this is why Petric’s reviews are the only thing worth reading in The Other Paper. You and Miriam Abbot are quite an arrogant, hick pair. Here’s some advice: read a little, travel (see other”snobby” communities like Chareleston, SC), and visit some restaurants outside of Columbus (Powell doesn’t count). Columbus is a great city, and German Village is one reason why. ”

Another happy customer. Now, I must add the disclaimer that unlike a certain editor of a certain metropolitan daily newspaper, the weird and mean things that people say about me or my articles stopped hurting my feelings back in 2007. If anything, I sickly enjoy being singled out like this, and I’m a little mad that I had to share the HateLight with Mirm on this one. Maybe next time.

But I feel like somewhere in my psyche, these sorts of hategrams must be storing up somewhere and doing some sort of damage, right? It’s probably destroying something that will turn up as high blood pressure or a failed kidney later on in life.

As we were reading this at work, Kitty said something like, “It will be nice to have a job where we’re not spoken to like this.”  Although I didn’t get the exact quote, I was agreeing with her sentiments when a recent scene flashed before my eyes: I remembered one evening last week when I was changing a confused patient at the nursing home. As I was wiping the shit from her ass, she was screaming at me, saying over and over, “OOO ….. you are AWFUL,” and the more confusing, “You need to GO TO BED! Get out of here and GO TO BED!”

I still haven’t answered the question in my heart. Which kind of criticism would I rather slowly be worn down by: The anonymous Internet kind, or the dementia patient kind?

Although the urge to defend yourself is strong, it would be  equally futile against both populations, as is aiming to please.

At least the Internet people can’t take a swing at you. Well, I mean, if they do, you can hit back.

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  • Mae

    Remember when getting a letter to the editor about one of our articles sounded like the coolest thing ever?

  • Anonymous

    Have you considered this WAS the dimentia patient that wrote you?

  • miriam

    1) TOTALLY dying of joy to be grouped in the same class as THE TEET

    2) If someone is gonna (oopf, “going to”) call me a hick, they damn well better spell my name right.