It’s getting real, folks.

We had our 20-week ultrasound today. Here are the goods:

Tot Two profile

"A nice, round head,": Tot Two profile

Scary Baby Tot Two skull shot. they claim a cheek is visible.

Scary T2 skull shot. They claim a cheek is visible.

Tot Two with hands crossed in front of the camera. Clearly, T2 is praying inside the womb.

Tot Two with hands crossed in front of the camera. Clearly, T2 is praying inside the womb. Can't say I blame the poor Tot.

Thirty-nine pounds with the ultrasound wand later … and we’ve got the money shot…

*************spoiler alert!*****************

(Oh, and we’re just going to have to believe the techies know what they’re pointing at)

Dust off your hope chests. We're having a lady!

Dust off your hope chests. We're having a lady!

Can you believe it?! It’s the shock of the century.
It’s not that I didn’t believe you guys … it’s just that given the Teter genetics and math, I was sort of assuming we were having a doode. I had not ventured very far down the ladyparts path in my mind.

Holy crap…

A little Seth would be adorable and virtually headache-free to raise. But a little me? Yipes! We’re in for a world of hurt, kiddos. For the first 25 years or so, anyway.

Seth is very tickled, as he actually wanted a little lady, much to everyone’s surprise. I am very happy to have captured a rare female sperm, although I’m admittedly terrified at the thought of being a mom to a woman. I’m not sure I would have been less terrified if they had said, “Boy,” but seriously. Women are complicated machines. I barely understand myself at times.

Here’s to hoping she’s as even-keeled as her father, but that she inherits my stunning good looks and womanly physique…oh, crap.

And who will inherit all our land and oxen?

Worry not. Regardless of my nervousness, this baby has things under control. Her liver, kidneys, spine – everything is in working order, just like I asked. She’s measuring right on track if not a touch on the small side at 11 oz. She LOVES my bladder. When it came time to determine the sex, she had her legs crossed for several minutes even as the ultrasound tech was slapping my belly over and over with the ultrasound wand. Somehow, I managed not to wet the crinkly paper before she retreated under my belly button and gave us the money shot.

So she’s ladylike, which is a good sign. She could teach me a thing or two.

And I guess it’s kind of nice that she cooperated so perfectly with tentative blog theme for 2009: Ladyparts ATTACK.

Seth is officially outnumbered. Mwahahahahaha……..

Oh, and the blog poll. Nicely done, readers. You are the new wive’s tale.

……. I wonder if she’ll blog.

Oh, boy. I’m starting to warm to this girl idea.

Sorry, Mandy. I was really looking forward to our little blue Trendbusters. :’(

PS – I hate pink. Is this going to be a problem?

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  • lisa

    I promise to buy you some yellow and green onsies for your little teter tot so you have some non-pink options, OK?

    YAY for the baby girl!

  • Amy Baumgardner

    Congratulations! Scott and I are both so excited about our little one being a girl too. So much fun!! The day of my ultrasound was my favorite of my whole pregnancy thus far. enjoy!! I am right there with you on the pink…when we registered this past weekend–it was one of my top priorities–to not register for anything PINK!!! : )

  • Shelby

    Y E S!!! So happy for you!
    Pretty sure liking pink is not a prerequisite, but you do have to be pro barbies and bows.

  • mandy

    Yay! A girlfriend for Dodge! I’m pretty anti-pink too. How do you feel about purple? That was going to be my default girl color.

  • Becky Barnard

    Congrats Teeters! She’ll be the apple of your eye, or eyes (unless you’re winking). I’ll be glad to meet her on a rare trip to WCH.