A squeaker

I’m cracking up right now because the poll is split exactly down the middle. We’ve got a 48/48 split on boy or girl. With 5 percent convinced T2 will be a strange hybrid like Miss Curtis.

You must keep voting because I will be so proud if the blog gets it right.

Together, we can start a new Old Wive’s Tale. Pregnant women all across the country will stop dangling rings above their bellies. They’ll ditch the Chinese gender calculators and put a poll up on their blog.

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  • mom

    I was experiencing strong boy feelings until my dream last night. I dreamed you were having a little girl and modern medicine allowed you to “take it out” and play with it before it was born. I had to keep yelling at you to put it back so it could get bigger. By the way, it was a very cute little girl with dark brown hair. Not sure if that means anything or I just had some bad food before bed.