It’s official: Lil’Peckers’ MEAT ‘N’ GREET!

It will look kind of like this

It will look kind of like this

Hey, doodes!

As you know, the time is drawing near for the untimely demise of the Lil’Peckers. I haven’t told Seth this, but I’d like to open our house on the Saturday before the killings — that’d be July 11 — for a Meat ‘N Greet potluck. You can find us here.

That basically means that if you are free and have gas in your tank, you can come out to Possum Street in Bangs any time after 4, eat some grub around 5 and meet people who also, God Knows Why, have agreed to let us raise part of their meal. You’ll have one thing in common, at least.

You’ll also be able to meet your birds while they are huge and at their all-time grossest state of being. They waddle like an uncomfortable pregnant ladies. It will make you very hungry. We will demonstrate how we raise them, (HA!) minus the mass slayings by feral cats, of course. Perhaps we will provide some anti-factory farm literature so you can feel superior to all of your friends?

There will be little chicks for the kids, beer for your husbands and maybe some leftover fireworks for them both. Bangs-style entertainment will be provided. As always, the invitation will be open if you city folks want to pop a tent out in the country and spend the night.

I have a list of people who “signed up” for LPs several months ago, including Andrew, Mae, Meryl, Jeff M, Jeff K., Lisa, Lisa the Waitress, Katie Meyer, Lemoscarlet, Becky G, Sam B., Uncle Charlie, and several other family members whom I have forgotten. I realize that a lot of you live out of state and/or are in labor and/or unfortunately will not be able to attend, but the event is open. You don’t even have to buy a Lil’Pecker to come out. Speaking of, there are 40 birds and about 30 have been reserved, so let us know if you know someone else who would like a bird.

Please let me know:

1.) If you feel that your name has been tragically left off the list, or you would like to be added.

2.) If you would like to come out July 11 and if you would be able to slap together a sidedish.

Did I already say that this is open to all Theteet subscribers? It is. Just RSVP below.

Oh, and I haven’t done the math yet, but I think we’re looking at $10 a bird. But we’ll figure all that out once the birds are dead July 17.

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  • Katie Meyer

    I am so glad that I am on the list!! I also wish that I could come meet my chicken. We will have to chat. post-slaughter, about how I can get that bird to me in Seattle. I will be in Ohio in Oct. Do they freeze well??