El Tot Dos or La Tot Dos?

You won’t have to wait long to find out.

I went for my 16- turned 17- turned (oops!) 18-week check-up today. They took some blood to check for Down Syndrome and some other stuff I forgot to pay attention to. They also put a doppler on my tummy, and things were much easier to hear this time :)

I swear, regardless of my constant, daily assumptions that he or she will just slip away in the night, this baby’s heart just keeps on beating! It’s crazy how that works. And the best part about it all is that Tot Two NEVER makes me worry more than a fraction of a second before the doctor can locate a heartbeat.

This time, I’m pretty sure I started hearing it about 6 second before the doppler touched my belly, it was so loud. About 150 bpm, which is in “girl” territory.

Apparently, for those not In The Know, the old wives’s tale … err … Something They Started Saying in the 80s is that if your baby’s heartbeat was fast — that is, anything over 140 — you were probably having a girl. Anything under 140 is a man, baby.

The last time Tot’s heart was 170+, also in Serious Female Territory. When I found all this out, I started assuming Tot Two was a girl. For a long time, I was convinced I was carrying a boy. Now I really have no idea one way or the other.

I still think it will be the Shock of the Century if the Tot is a girl, because Teter men only make one girl sperm per millennium, and Christy, my sister-in-law, may have captured in back in 2007 when she made Melia.

Seth is the youngest of three sons, and his two oldest brothers have produced THREE males since 2004. Odds are good that my poor little niece is an anomaly will be playing with a bunch of doodes at Christmas.

We’ll find out July 16!


Let’s have a poll!

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  • http://monsterbeard.tumblr.com Monsterbeard

    Boy or girl, I hate to think your child has to grow up in a world of tired Austin Powers quotes.

  • http://acaciatreesoftware.com Ben Lachman

    Don’t do it.

    It’s way more fun to find out when it comes out. Seriously, all my friends (most of em) that find out don’t really care like 12 seconds later. Call me old fashioned, but I think waiting for stuff makes it better (also, fire is magic).

  • Jaydubs

    I think if everyone knew about your propensity for microwaving leftovers in their styrofoam containers, there would be more votes for “hybrid.”