WEEK!? Bring it on!

This week is going to bring some changes.

Seth put the third coat of finish on the floors upstairs. Could we really be sleeping in our bedroom by mid-week? I’ll believe it when I live it. We’re having the family up on the Fourth for a little extra motivation. A wedding on the third. Chickens 2.0 arrive Wednesday. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Oh, and I start STNA classes this week. 5-10:30 M-F.


I may think I’ve got it bad — that I’m way too busy or something. But when I get freaked out, I’ll just take deep, relaxing breaths when I remember:

At least I’m not getting married this week.

Love y’all! See you on the other side.

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  • http://pencilsfromheaven.blogspot.com lmariea

    hahaha … I love you. Thanks for making the trek out to the bachelorette!