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 For Immediate Release: June 22, 2009




Columbus-based photojournalist Benjamin Parnell French was in high spirits Thursday afternoon following the latest round of layoffs in the Ohio newspaper industry.

French handled the news, delivered by American Community Newspapers’ management team, with characteristic charm and good-humor.

“I feel free,” said French, who remarked that he had long anticipated such a move by his bankrupt former employer. “At least the wait is over. It’s the kick in the ass I needed.”

French also expressed relief that he would no longer be required to spend his afternoons attending pinewood derbies, conspicuously snapping pictures at public suburban pools, or filming mind-numbing web video segments.

French’s award-winning photographs–as seen in ACN publications Columbus Monthly, The Other Paper and Suburban News Publications–have long brought joy and sparked conversation in the Columbus market. His final work for the company can be seen in the “boob shot” on the cover of this week’s TOP (in which you may or may not see a nipple), and in a nature spread in the upcoming issue of Columbus Monthly.

French said he expects to re-enter the job market soon, but not before indulging in a hard-earned 4-day weekend with friends and family, who are in town attending Saturday’s CD release party for French’s band The Top Heavies.

“The timing couldn’t be better-Comfest weekend!” said French. He emphasized that, though he would indeed be jobless and drinking beer at a hippy music festival in a public park, he was not, in fact, “dropping out.”

Recent comments on his Facebook page did, however, signal a possible change in French’s career path.

“I’ll always have my art!” French commented in a Friday afternoon post made on the popular social networking website. “I now have time to work on my dancing and acting career.”

Known for his easy-going presence around the office and on photo assignments, French’s dismissal came as a shock to his former colleagues who unanimously expressed their disappointment upon hearing of French’s dismissal.

“I’m really sorry about Ben. I didn’t see that coming at all,” said Eric Little, editor of The Other Paper in a statement released this morning. “He’ll be doing better than all of us within weeks, I’m sure.”

French expressed regret that he “may never see some of those people again,” and expressed his gratitude and well-wishes for his former colleagues. He hopes that many of them will “come out for a beer” at the Ruby Tuesday show tomorrow night.


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