Tales from the farm: oh, crap/

This evening, just as we were putting the chickens to bed ’round dusk, mother and I smelled a strong whiff of skunk, and we found a pretty large smear of blood on the chicken coop wall. By all counts, no chickens appeared injured or eaten, so I’m not sure what the casualties were, or why the blood could be inside the cage.

Is chicken wire just a lie or something? I thought it was supposed to keep out chicken predators, but what do I know.

Puzzled and angry, I set the trap and baited it with a jam sandwich.

Maybel and I are sitting here this warm summer evening with the window open, and we just heard the distinct sound of a trap snapping closed. Maybel sprung into action, while I immediately went to the blog. I don’t want to know what awaits me in the morning. 10 bucks says it’s my feral cat.

I also feel like I might be feeling some movement in my womb-area. It’s like … um … a less-airy version of gas? Like hard water is swishing. This isn’t helping, is it? Does anyone know when that is supposed to happen?

Why do these things always happen when Seth is away on business?

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  • mandy

    Yay! That’s exciting womb news! It felt like a swish or like my stomach dropping when you go down a steep hill for me at first. It generally happens as early as 16 weeks, but can happen sooner. Or much later, in my case. I didn’t feel a thing until about 22 weeks, I believe.

  • http://youngsaunders.blogspot.com grace saunders

    YAY! that’s the baby in there :) i always described it as when you feel your stomach growl, but not in my stomach… so exciting Lindsay! when i first felt Ruby moving around, i could usually encourage it by drinking some root beer. i guess she liked root beer :) I think i was at about 22 or 24 weeks when i felt it frst…

  • theteet

    it is happening about once and sometimes twice a day!!

    it is WEIRD!

    i will totally try the rootbeer thing in an attempt to provoke it.

    at what point do you get ANNOYED that the baby is moving? :)