RIP Tiny “Seth” Tim Festus, Jr.

I am sad to say that Nature took care of poor little Tiny “Seth” Tim Festus, Jr., who lived long enough to be named by loyal Teet readers.

When the little runt turned up missing, initially we thought maybe the other chickens had eaten him. (um … that can actually happen.) It took some serious CSI:Bangs skillz to locate a small patch of blood and two tiny feathers on the outside of the cage.

But we believe that our feral cat friend reached a paw in and swiped the little guy, killing him and then snacking on the little doode through the cage wires. That also can actually happen. Some of the other birds have scratch marks on them, so we have taken the necessary precautions and have nailed a tarp down around where the chickens sleep.

Feral cat will have to stick to mice.

If Tiny “Seth” Tim Festus Jr. were stronger, he could have escaped, but it looks like the cat did the dirty job of culling the weakest link in our chicken herd.

RIP, little peeper.

I hope you had not grown too attached.

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  • dammitbilly

    CSI: Bangs.

    Can I be the guy who shows up and takes his sunglasses on/off for dramatic effect?

    I can be rather dramatic.

    Just sayin’.

  • Rogue Agent

    So my only real contribution to your lives was participating in naming a critter – that is now dead. A few U.S. Marshal friends and myself are stopping by. Tell the cat and raccoons they can run – but they just go to the animal shelter tired.