Lil’Peckers hit the big screen

Seth and I spent the day building a chicken tractor for the LPs, who already have grown out of their cattle waterer. You think projects will take an hour. But remember the golden rule, Future Farmers of America: Multiply by AT LEAST seven to determine actual project start to completion time. But we finished, and at dusk, we had the little guys and gals in their new home. Broiler tractor-0 Teter family- 1!

The LPs are practically adults now, what with their ability to walk about in 75-80 degree temperatures. And you’ll notice that they’ve entered that awkward phase, where they’ve lost their fuzz faster than they’ve gained their feathers. Everybody looks weird in Junior High.

The chicks are spending their first night out under the stars … er … the tarp. Depending on where they choose to rest their delicious breasts. I spent the evening making this video. Does this make me a good farmer?

This is your dinner, people. In action:

Also, the little guy with the sore foot needs a name. We’ve been nursing him back to full strength with special meal times for about a week. The problem with the growth rate of these meat birds is that if you’re out a meal or two, your peers will outgrow you in a matter of minutes, and the big guys like to bully the little ones right out of the dinner table.

Plus, it’ll be harder for Seth to give up on him and cull him if he has a name. Any suggestions?

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  • Jaydubs

    Seth Jr.?

  • Mae

    My favorite part was the Popsicle break. That and how confident Seth looks when he uses a power saw!

  • Andrew


    could’ve used some explosions or at least firearms.

  • Lindsay

    Tiny Tim… he had a bad foot/leg too…

  • Rogue Agent

    How about “Festus”. Kind of an out-doorsy/wild west/the Teter Ranch, surviving day to day (dodging racoons), endearing sort of visual envoked here…

    Not to mention the amount of web traffic drawn in by Ken Curtis groupies.

  • Shelby

    you brought such happiness into my life by posting this video.