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WEEK!? Bring it on!

This week is going to bring some changes. Seth put the third coat of finish on the floors upstairs. Could we really be sleeping in our bedroom by mid-week? I’ll believe it when I live it. We’re having the family … Continue reading

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My uterus is as big as a cantaloupe!! That can only mean one thing … It must be …

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From the desk of K. McConnell Public Relations ….  For Immediate Release: June 22, 2009 Contact: Web:     Columbus-based photojournalist Benjamin Parnell French was in high spirits Thursday afternoon following the latest round of layoffs in the … Continue reading

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Lil’Peckers:The clock is ticking

Make room in your freezers!! The date of execution has been set for July 17 at 8 a.m. Please God let them all live until then. I just got off the phone with a friendly Amish woman. We decided (for once) that … Continue reading

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Steter Speaks

Two things happened in 2004. In August, I got married. In October, I started a blog. Because Steter and I have a slightly longer and legally binding relationship than and I, I occassinally have to honor his wishes. That … Continue reading

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I want to send the Lil’Peckers to a factory farm

The other day, I came home to a cage full of panting chickens, some of whom were pecking at the large scratches on their cagemates’ necks from the Meat Bird Attack of ’09, while others were laying down in their … Continue reading

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It’s a great day to be an American

The U.S. beat No. 1 ranked Spain in the Confederations Cup, and I still enjoyed watching the game on DVR even though some dumb Twitterer ruined the score for me. That little Charlie Davies is ADORABLE. (Spain hasn’t lost a … Continue reading

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ok, so that HAD to be the baby, right?

last night was just about one of the best nights I’ve had on the farm in several weeks. this is because it was perfect weather and absolutely NO work was involved the entire evening. although I thoroughly enjoy sanding upstairs … Continue reading

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Innocent bystander?

Before I arose from my sweet slumber, my husband had shot and killed an unarmed raccoon who had found itself caught in our live trap. He claims the pre-emptive move was a result of the raccoon’s ties to the Egg … Continue reading

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Watch her live: Teet gets life lessons all over the place.

Sometimes, Seth and I forget that you can’t just wake up one day and “be” farmers–or whatever it is that we’re trying to do. There is a steep learning curve just MOVING to the country, let alone when it comes … Continue reading

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