Inspired by Steve Weeks, I am testing fate and beginning a new weekly or semi-weekly tradition here You may have heard, or participated in *cough* Monsterbeard! *cough* GPOYW, which is the much lamer version of Gratuitous Picture of Your Abdomen Sunday.


I mean, Glitter TextGlitter TextGlitter TextGlitter TextGlitter TextGlitter Text

(those are glitter letters. get out while you still can.)

Last time I did this, which was about four months ago, it was followed by Miscarriage Monday, so I’ve been hesitant to post pictures of the belly for fear of jinxing — until I started to become too doughy. Oh, and remembering that posting photos of your belly actually does not determine the outcome of your pregnancy. You guys are going to have so much fun here for the next 28 weeks, God-willing.

Happy Second Trimester, kiddos!

Things are about to get real obscene. As if they weren’t already:

13 and a half weeks.

13 and a half weeks. with flash.

11 or so weeks

11 or so weeks

and you may remember 9 and a half weeks

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  • lmariea

    Um, so is it creepy that I’ve been wanting you to start posting these so I can stop checking out your tummy every time I come visit you?

  • Monsterbeard

    Someone needs to say this: Teet, you’re gaining weight. And from all appearances, recklessly fast. Might I suggest a lighter diet? Perhaps a salad?

    But let’s be honest, nothing is going to improve your blatant attempt to capitalize on my GPOYW series. No one buys the “Skankz” dolls when they know exactly where to get the genuine “Bratz” dolls, capiche?

  • jaydubs

    Glitter letters! Tummy pictures! Yay!

  • mandy

    Looking good! You’re going to be a very cute pregnant lady.