Dear tot two:

I know you’re rounding out the last trimester with impressive strength and courage, but I need you to please REFRAIN from doing any kind of important developing today. No work on the brainstem or the arteries or anything.

I am sorry. It is my fault. Not only did I forget to take my prenatal vitamin last night, but I also have eaten the following things on this day:

1.) 5 powdered donettes (thanks to the a-hole who brought THOSE bastards into work)

2.) an iced latte

3.) a large bagel with cream cheese

4.) a piece of pizza the size of my head

and, the grand finale,

5.) various sized chunks of buckeye candies for Monthly’s taste test, of which I was a willing participant.

Peanut butter is good for the brain cells, right?

Sorry, doode.

To make up for this, I will sit around a campfire all weekend and I WILL NOT BE DRINKING. I won’t even steal a sip from Uncle Aaron’s box of wine. Okay, well, maybe one glass. But that’s it.



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  • jaydubs

    “The last trimester?” I think you might be getting ahead of yourself here. :)

    Also, your list of food is making me HUNGRY. (Except for the Donettes–can’t say I’m a fan.) Curse you, Teet, and your little Tot, too!

  • jessi

    So are you in T2 yet?