the garden is starting to happen.

72 tomato plants
250 feet of green beans
10 basil plants
like, 100 pie pumpkins
not to mention the peas, green onions, herbs, peppers, edamame, swiss chard, cucumbers, etc. etc. etc.

there are some real staggering numbers here, people. numbers i’m sure i’ll appreciate all the more when it’s time to harvest and i’m six or eight months pregnant.

yes. that’s right. i just ASSUMED i would be pregnant three months from now. a moment of weakness. i promise it won’t happen again.

we are insane.

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  • jaydubs

    Holy crap, you are insane! But in a good way.

  • Merlin

    I want to switch lives with you. I don’t know about the whole being preggers thing, but I definitely feel it’s time for me to be a farmer. Don’t tell Lisa!

  • lmariea

    Don’t you know that I want her life as much as you do? That’s why we’re getting married, dope!

  • Dad

    Is the fact that I have to communicate with you through your blog a bad sign? Is our relationship normal? Just wanted to let you know we made it. Have signed up for the zip lines, hot springs, and a day on the beach. Life is good. We miss you! Send Dad an email because he doesn’t have you in his address book. Love you!

  • theteet

    Lin, your secret is safe with me ;)

    Lis, we’ll have to get you to conquer your fear of chickens and you will be a PERFECT farmer’s wife!

    Pops (or is it mom?) – yes. it is a bad sign, i think. i was thinking about you guys yesterday. and by ‘thinking of you,’ i mean i was COMPLETELY RAGING WITH JEALOUSY. What is amanda thinking? zip line?! hot springs? i bet you’re drinking by the poolside, too!! i hate you all. love you!