he said/she said:

Special ‘Big Dough’ Edition.

she laments: eric said i looked like i was getting a ‘ponch’ today.

he said: really? what i noticed most about that outfit are your super-white legs.

she said: i know, right?

he said: you’re pasty white and ready to poke … like dough. Big Dough is your new nickname.

she said: !!! *continuous punches to his arm while he laughs hysterically*

he said: easy there, Big Dough.

she said: you’re lucky i inherited the Johnson’s trademark body image. regardless of reality, we know we’ve got sex appeal!!

he said: like a big slab of dough ready to knead.

she said: i hate you!

he said: we’ll call Maybel Lil’ Dough.

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  • jaydubs

    Hey silly-billy. You have a paunch, not a “ponch.” /wordnerd