the last time i saw this kinda gross-looking picture

sometimes i feel like, “no one cares about this,” and that “wow, i sure am talking a lot about baby stuff,” and then i remember the world’s most freeing realization: it’s my blog, and no one is required to care at all!
i can publish whatever the heck i want to. it’s for ME, anyway, right?  isn’t blogging magical?

whoa. that was a weird rant. PUBLISH!

what i wanted to say was, the last time i saw this kinda gross-looking picture of a 10-week-old baby:

i was totally in “Recently Annihilated” mode.

three cheers for Tot Two for giving me all kinds of good news this week. and for allowing me to say officially that at least we made it farther the second time around. it’s weird, but for a very long time, i’ve wanted to see this picture and not feel torn to bits inside. it’s the little things, i guess.

this kid is totally listening to orders already. i tell it to be alive, it listens, i tell it to stay alive, it listens. parenting is easy. keep it up, tot two, and i smell ice cream for breakfast in your future. i’m just sayin’

onward and upward, my friends. onward and upward.

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  • Anonymous

    Wonderful, Wonderful!

  • Rogue Agent

    Happy Mother’s Day…

  • Jaydubs