an open letter to tot two

dear tot two:

i do not recall addressing you directly until now. forgive me for being a bit distant, but here’s the thing. i need something from you.  just something small.

i really need for you to be alive tomorrow.


ok, thank you. we love you.


theteet & co.

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  • Mae

    A P.S. TO TOT TWO:

    Things you have to look forward to (other than the obvious stuff):

    1. Your dad will probably let you use power tools at a young age.
    2. Your mom knows how to can stuff, can protect you Gunsmoke-style from a raccoon. And did you know you’ll have chickens? You’ll be the most informed kid on Possum Street.
    3. Until you can ride the good stuff at carnivals, I’m pretty sure your folks could fit Maybel with a mini-saddle and let you ride around the farm.
    4. Did I mention the chickens?