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Inspired by Steve Weeks, I am testing fate and beginning a new weekly or semi-weekly tradition here You may have heard, or participated in *cough* Monsterbeard! *cough* GPOYW, which is the much lamer version of Gratuitous Picture of Your Abdomen … Continue reading

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thinking of you

In all the joy and relief that came today, I cannot help but carry a sack of sadness for our little Jaydubs, who woke up early to find that she had unexpectedly lost her sweet pup in the middle of … Continue reading

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The ol’ forming stump up

I wrote a letter last night asking T2 to, well, it’s written right below this post. You can read it yourself. I wish I would’ve posted it last night because no one will believe me that the entire time, the … Continue reading

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Another letter to T2

Here we are again. The night before the doctor’s appointment. In addition to my traditional request that you remain alive inside my womb, (I’m getting greedy now) I formally request that you do something really cute for the black-and-white-sound-wave camera … Continue reading

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Dear tot two:

I know you’re rounding out the last trimester with impressive strength and courage, but I need you to please REFRAIN from doing any kind of important developing today. No work on the brainstem or the arteries or anything. I am … Continue reading

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the garden is starting to happen. 72 tomato plants 250 feet of green beans 10 basil plants like, 100 pie pumpkins not to mention the peas, green onions, herbs, peppers, edamame, swiss chard, cucumbers, etc. etc. etc. there are some … Continue reading

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they’re heeeeerrrre: introducing Lil’Peckers 2009

Your dinner arrived at the Mount Vernon post office at 6:45 a.m.  today. Only three chicks were dead on arrival, and we were given three extra, so we broke even. Here’s to hoping the rest hang tough for the next … Continue reading

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i keep saying this, but i really mean it this time

The farm down the (gravel!) road has let the beef cattle out to pasture, and I keep meaning to send a letter to the owner. Because it’s such a well-kept farm, and the man lives alone, getting a little help … Continue reading

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he said/she said:

Special ‘Big Dough’ Edition. she laments: eric said i looked like i was getting a ‘ponch’ today. he said: really? what i noticed most about that outfit are your super-white legs. she said: i know, right? he said: you’re pasty … Continue reading

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Jesus trumps Subway

  during the last 30 days, for the first time in our online financial tracking history, we spent $0.79  more on tithing than we did on eating out. it’s a Quicken miracle! this proves that you can buy jesus’s love … Continue reading

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