Today in Pitfalls: An Update

this is a preinactment of the teet on Friday

I couldn’t talk the breast specialist out of the biopsy, so they will be sticking a giant needle in my boob on Friday. I’m not in a position to have much removed, here people. But the doctor WAS impressed by the huge size of the mass.

Why, thank you, doctor. 

I did convince Seth, however, that I wasn’t going to die. When I started to take out the ultrasound films, he told me to put them away because he’d have nightmares. The poor guy has come to expect the worst from my weird woman body, and he is a bit terrified for me. Women are complicated, I’ll give him that. I think I hopefully eased his mind a bit. It was kind of cute at the end of the day.

fyi, it looks like our company didn’t shut down after all. We just got new owners. (read: The Bank) I hope they like the quality work put out by the talented staff of The Other Paper!

We also got free pizza at lunch, which was awesome. Kitty said the words “Dilly Bars,” and I really hope we get those next time the corporate types file some sort of financial paperwork.

Everyone with any power at our company seems happy and relieved about Chapter 11. 

They must know more than I do about what comes next in Chapter 12.

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  • Bill Melville

    You shouldn’t wait for someone to tell you about Chapter 12 – it applies to farmers, which you’re awfully close to becoming. Don’t let those dormant fruit plants go too long.

  • theteet

    oh, no. does the bank own my berries now?!