lessons in morning sickness

don’t throw up in the bathroom of a Tim Horton’s restaurant.

there are no paper towels, and the hand-dryers just won’t suffice.

the queasiness is subsiding a bit, but i’m still dealing with the Point in the Meal When Food Becomes Evil. something will sound GREAT, for example, a sub sandwich or an omelet, but right in the middle of the meal, usually mid-bite, the food becomes repulsive and i cannot bear the thought of finishing one more swallow.

what kind of grown woman spits out her food, anyway?

only a few more weeks left of this, they say. but then again, they also say, “just keep some crackers near your bedside and you’ll be fine.” they are wrong a lot of the time.

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  • mandy

    I ate a lot of Subway that first trimester. It was one of few things that sounded good (mmm, listeria fears!) and then of course sounded gross about halfway through. Crackers always made me want to die. I don’t know who came up with that idea.

  • theteet

    haha … that’s exactly what i did for supper tonight.

    seth makes fun of me for my Subway obsession. i think we would save money if we opened a Bangs franchise.

    gotta toast the listeria right outta there!

  • Steve

    On vacation once I needed to, um, use the bathroom and since I was staying at a friend’s house, I went to the nearest restaurant. It happened to be a Starbucks. After using the bathroom I noticed that it was out of much needed toilet paper. I did a quick unclean pull up and went out and grabbed a stack of napkins only to remember that the door was coin operated and I was out of change. I ended up waiting in a huge long line so I could get change for the door.

    so…don’t do that either.

  • theteet

    ok, so i know you sort of pooped your pants in that story, but i’ve gotta say … the starbucks bathroom doors were COIN OPERATED>!?!