2009 has developed a slogan, methinks:

let’s recap:

Shitstorm 2007

2008: The Long Road Home


2009: Ladyparts ATTACK

should make for an interesting icon, anyway.

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  • rachelmccoy

    Oh my word–the last part of the previous post with you trying to use the US machine on yourself made me laugh pretty hard.

    And then “Ladyparts Attack” made me laugh even harder.

    Those might be the funniest parts of my week thus far.

    (rooting for you and the uterus situation, btw. and the aforementioned booby issues as well.)

  • dammitbilly

    I think you’re totally off-base.

    Here are my suggestions for slogan 2009:

    –The year I met Jonsie and my life changed
    –Boy, that Jonsie sure is magnificent
    –Journos are like bloggers, ‘cept way less employable

    And, the jewel in the crown:
    –Just Jammin’ (this one needs to be said nonchalantly, with a shrugging motion, before grabbing your jambox and heading for the grit-pit.)