Lil’Peckers update: < One Month Countdown!


one step closer to this ... except with Pepsi!

gllllll ... one step closer to this ... except with Pepsi!

Our chicks (sold as a 50-pack “Barbecue Special”) will arrive May 18. you thought it would be a lot sooner, didn’t you? so did I.


as a side note,  i’m thinking of starting our own Bangs chick hatchery. business is booming, apparently.

but we need chicken sexers. any takers?

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  • jessi

    Is that a golf ball or an onion on the top or some scary chicken part I’m not pirvvy to?

    I want chickens.

    I do not want anything to do with the sexing part.

  • theteet

    i do believe it might be an onion.

    there are secret and scary parts of chickens that i will tell you about one day when you are older.