vacashin la la la la la la

this has been the best week ever.

the string of  tiny demoralizing things have been addressed one after the other.

no more stack of floorboards to greet you as you walk in the door. no more hole in the floor at the top of the stairs. no more hole in the floor in the bedroom. no more weird 3-sided area under the staircase for the washer and dryer. (WE HAVE A DOOR FOR THIS NOW!!!!!) no more un-drywalled landing at the bottom of the steps.

we are going to town, people.

the problem is that while seth was ridding the house of all our best boobie traps, i was stuck in one room. i have literally been mudding and taping for four days in a row. my hand is cramped into this deformed mudding claw. i try to straighten it out, but it just won’ budge. i have mud caked permanently in my hair. my face looks like a powdered donut.

but after this, and after a small crying spell last night as i was mudding the ceiling, seth promised we would contract out all drywalling to the professionals from now on. have you seen how fast those people do it on TV?! with speeds like that, we could have been done on Tuesday.

we would be laying floors right now, but nearly 200 berry plants arrived  at our doorstep yesterday (about a week early, thanks) so we’re convincing my father that he wants to bring his tractor and mondo tiller down from ashland to get these sticks in the ground.

the clock is ticking.

they have about 6 days to live!!!!!

(we’re cameraless at the moment, and when i googled “refrigerator full of dormant berry plants” i didn’t get any hits. sorry–there’s no visual with this post.)


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