style like a chemical spill.

after a long day of mudding, painting and prep work, seth and i like to sit on the couch with maybel. he plays guitar while i prick around on the internet.footage reveals that maybel sleeps on my chest.

i wanted you to feel like you were with us, at least for a portion of the show. the audio really is the most important part.

sometimes maybel and i sing along, but not when we know there is a web cam running.

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  • crankin

    sigh. how sad is it that i just watched that whole thing waiting for something exciting to happen… i think that the climax was when you scratched your face. are your boobs getting bigger or was that just the camera angle?

  • theteet

    it’s not sad. it’s awesome.

    the audio wasn’t enough to carry it for you?

    as for my boobs, it’s just a wide-angle lens :’(

    … unless that benign tumor thing is catching the perfect light.