and then there were two


our barred rock looked exactly like this.

our barred rock, bless her heart, looked exactly like this.

this morning, we discovered that the skunk had dug a hole right at the mouth of the trap we set for him in order to sneak into the cage and eat the head and ass of our barred rock.

what a prick.

when i started talking about how i’d execute him with a gut shot, seth reminded me that it’s not personal, that the skunk is just trying to get dinner, and that he’s not purposefully trying to piss us off.


it’s crazy that a racoon, which are supposed to be the craftiest creatures, only ate one of our chickens before we offed him. this skunk has a running tally of at least 3, maybe more, not to mention the eggs and the spraying of Maybel (TWICE?!) and yet we are still unable to kill him.

as for our flock of two, it’s getting really sad at this point.

they, understandably, are sleeping somewhere else. we’re not sure where. they show up in the morning together. we think one of them might be in cahoots with the skunk because she, conveniently, was not in the coop on the night of the attack.

for the chickens, at this point, it’s like survivor. or Idol. and the barred rock’s death was the equivalent of Chris Daughtry’s elimination. neither of us saw it coming. we all thought it would be the other, suckier chickens. not the BEST one. but alas, this skunk has no sense of decency. 

the barred rock had always been the loner. always wandering the fields by herself somewhere away from the group. based on the lack of feathers spread all over the coop, it didn’t look like she put up much of a struggle. what a terrible way to go. plucked off your perch in the middle of the night by a damn skunk.

and to think i had that little prick in my sights only a few nights ago!!!! i could have saved her! i am a terrible farmer.

and you know what the worst part is!?!?!?! I HAD TO BUY EGGS AT THE STORE TODAY. pitiful.

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  • NiceKnapSack

    OK here’s the deal….it’s summer…have people over for a camp out and then we will hunt the skunk…LET’S DO THIS!