here is something you CAN get excited about

Ill be loving you forever.

I'll be loving you forever.

he said/she said:

Special “Email from Richard” Edition:

From: Ades, Richard

To: McConnell, Katherine, Teter, Lyndsey

Subject: New Kids on the Block review

>>> Richard Ades 04/02/09 10:42AM >>>
I’m still waiting for the final OK on the passes, but the Nationwide person said she doesn’t expect a problem. I’ll contact her later today if I don’t hear anything.

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  • Monsterbeard

    MMMM! Now that’s the kind of distraction you just can’t resist!

    Let’s be honest though: While most of the guys look like they’re just in their early 30s now, Donny looks like he’s 49 and they found him riding a train car across Jersey, a stick with a makeshift bag across his shoulder.