he said/she said

Special “Why I love my Sister” edition.

plus, shes hot

plus, she's hot

teet: are you coming down this weekend? are we riding to the shower together?

amanda: yep

teet: do you want me to drive?

amanda: yep

teet: can seth do weird things with your car while we’re gone?

amanda: what do you have in mind?

teet: can we put a goat in it?

amanda: a goat?

teet: yeah … there’s this goat auction …

amanda: sure. i’ve got some blankets in the back that you can spread out. but be careful. i’ve broken a strut in the front so tell him to be careful around potholes

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  • thesleeperhit

    That is one easy-going sis. Good luck with the goat.

  • jaydubs

    Don’t toy with me about this goat thing!

  • AM

    I think I might love your sister too…

  • theteet

    i want so very badly to believe it’s real.

    AM, i can get you digits. but you might have to fight off a few countrified suitors. they’re weak at the neck–just above the armor.

  • crankin

    hilarious. really. i laughed. a lot. those johnsons… they are a rare breed.