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Today in Pitfalls: An Update

I couldn’t talk the breast specialist out of the biopsy, so they will be sticking a giant needle in my boob on Friday. I’m not in a position to have much removed, here people. But the doctor WAS impressed by the … Continue reading

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lessons in morning sickness

don’t throw up in the bathroom of a Tim Horton’s restaurant. there are no paper towels, and the hand-dryers just won’t suffice. the queasiness is subsiding a bit, but i’m still dealing with the Point in the Meal When Food … Continue reading

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hi. i’m not worried

so, i’m rapidly approaching the traditional time of miscarriage, we’ve got our first ultrasound next week, there are rumors that my company is shutting down, like, tomorrow, which is the same day i have my first consultation with the second breast doctor. also, … Continue reading

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2009 has developed a slogan, methinks: let’s recap: Shitstorm 2007 2008: The Long Road Home and 2009: Ladyparts ATTACK should make for an interesting icon, anyway.

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get this off my chest!

See? I’m already making tumor jokes!   This morning I went to Boob Doc No. 1 in Dublin, thinking that they’d take a look at things with ye old ultrasound, confirm that it was a hormone-related tissue growth and send … Continue reading

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and then there was one

  this is the last of our 2008 chicken flock, and the winner of the $10 million Survivor prize. we found her buddy curled up under the maple tree last week, no apparent injuries, dead as a doornail. we suspect … Continue reading

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the four of us

this is Rufus. he had some foreclosure issues, (damned economy!) so he’s staying with us in Bangs for a while. him and maybel’s like peas and carrots. the four of us pick ticks off each other every night before bed.

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he said/she said

special Waking up from a Nap in Bed Next to Seth and Maybel Edition: he said: Maybel … Your glorious body is all around me. she said: …

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Lil’Peckers update: < One Month Countdown!

  Our chicks (sold as a 50-pack “Barbecue Special”) will arrive May 18. you thought it would be a lot sooner, didn’t you? so did I.   as a side note,  i’m thinking of starting our own Bangs chick hatchery. … Continue reading

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style like a chemical spill.

after a long day of mudding, painting and prep work, seth and i like to sit on the couch with maybel. he plays guitar while i prick around on the internet.footage reveals that maybel sleeps on my chest. i wanted … Continue reading

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