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seth and were i knee-deep in our own sewage the other day, snaking out a clogged septic drain with this 200-pound monster we rented from Home Depot (well, okay — seth was covered … i had retreated to the highest point of the basement and was squealing anytime any sludge-like objects came near me) when we were reminded of the advantages of RENTING. just a little story to encourage all those who are considering home ownership, and especially those who recently have taken the plunge.

i fear for this blog.

i fear for my life.

June 1.

June 1 is the date we have set to have the entire house ready for re-appraisal. did i already say this?

June 1.

GOD HELP US if obama and his cronies get this thing on track. my most troubling fear is that the economy won’t stay this crappy forever.

cause we can’t refinance at a ridiculously low rate until we re-appraise. we can’t re-appraise a construction zone. well, we could, but it would be foolish.

we hope that all our improvements will either *gasp* increase the value of the house or just help us to break even during this huge market crash. if we own 20 percent in equity, well …seth and i already imagined ourselves in June, lying in the hammock, eating some rhubarb pie, not a care in sight. 5 percent interest rate finished upstairs. 10-acre homestead. can you imagine?!

we are not going to touch the house for, like 3 years when this is over. because “touching the house” will mean “kitchen remodel.” and that, i’ve been told, is guaranteed to end in divorce.

not to mention that we’ve got 200 berry plants headed our way. and chickens. and goats.

and we just graduated from Farmer’s Market Class last night. we’re bona fide anywhere in Knox County as long as we don’t shit in our own garden.

which reminds me, we’ve got an acre or two to plow up and plant. which will be difficult to balance with the work/drive home/work on the house until we pass out routine we’ve got going on.

June 1.

June 1.


i’m so sorry.

i basically said this already.

i’m having a freak-out.

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  • Jaydubs

    I need the economy to stay crappy enough for me to afford a house sometime next year (although I think whatever we find, Kyle and I won’t be as ambitious in our renovation plans as you two have been), but not so crappy that I lose my job.* It is sort of an exercise in tightrope-walking, no? Anyway, I’m pulling for you two. And I’m drooling over the prospect of berries. I want to sign up for your CSA.

    *Speaking of which, have you checked the share price lately? We’re at $0.01/share lately. Remember those halcyon $0.75/share days? I miss being a “Don’t Buy!*” kind of gal.

    **Another reference: I know this is terrible, but even though he’s totally ridic and has screwed up in countless ways, I have a soft spot in my heart for Jim Kramer, thanks to his appearances on Arrested Development. I can’t be alone in that, can I?

  • Dennis

    Most people who buy houses are smart enough not to buy one that was part of the Underground Railroad, then proceed to rip out the entire interior and replace it themselves.

  • http://franticantics.wordpress.com Megan

    Please shut up about this right now.