Black Thursday: The Revenge

me and jonsie, during happier days

me and jonsie, during happier days

When faced with a shitty economy, tough decision have to be made.

If I were running a company, I think it makes sense to ax the most enthusiastic, hard-working and least paid employee. You know. The one who liked his job, did it well, went above and beyond and executed fresh, new ideas. We should totally let go of THAT guy.

Experts continue to be baffled as to why this company has not posted greater returns. Return on investment, dudes. Seriously.

R.I.P., my baby boy Jonsie. My heart is broken. It’s kind of like when Old Dan was killed saving everybody from that mountain cat. Little Ann will probably sink into deep depression, refuse to eat, curl up on his grave and die.

There is no one left here with any hope.

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  • Jaydubs

    The EFFF?????

  • NiceKnapSack

    I’m sorry…I fear for my job too. BTW This is David C.

  • jaydubs

    I’d know that NiceKnapSack anywhere! Now all you need to do is unmask yourself on CU. :)

    Anyway, my impression is that we’re all screwed. All of us.

  • Bill Melville

    Toxic environment for journalism + dirt-level ACN con-men running the show …. yeah, that doesn’t bode well.

    And I’ll fear for my job next year, when the merger of our two biggest clients wraps up.

    In the meantime, I’ll fear for my freelance gravy train at CEO.

  • NiceKnapSack

    Hey my CU account is Dcross…how hard is that to figure out.

  • jaydubs

    No, I know that, I just don’t think I’ve seen you, like, say who you are on there! Anyway, I kid because I love. :)

    (I’m not kidding about the being screwed part, though. We’re totally screwed.)

  • joe

    Oh my, lyndsey … seth, jen, lin, bill, david and y’all in this room — stop reading this now if you’re here for babychickbeatifullife. Sorry lt — i stopped by for the first time in a moon looking for your old hq soul-searching. My old sappy fault not yours. But no sweetness can gloss this over: Hot pork satan ebola is meeting print journalism in shi’ite 2009. Our eyes are bleeding. Thousands fewer of us are going to make a living writing and reading down the dead. I’ve felt so blesses in my job. I feel so disposable now, Dag.

  • joe

    did i say ‘down the dead’? how appropriate — though i meant, ‘down the road.’