People I Drink With: a new series at

 welcome to the inaugural issue of People I Drink With!

AM seen here with his gas-guzzzling Facebook prop

AM seen here with his gas-guzzling Facebook profile photo prop


in effort to bolster theteet readership, and knowing his tendency to read or view only the things that somehow include him, i have decided to blog about getting drinks with a well-known gumshoe. we call him “AM” in shorthand.

AM is a great american. this is mostly because there are few people who talk about rich cordray or rick pfieffer or even jon husted, for example, with appropriate fervor. 

i’ve never met a more charming, loosely buddhist old media in all my life.

thanks for offering your gentlemanly company, AM. and also for wasting a little bit of your youth with the tired proprietor of

this has been the first issue of People I Drink With.

stay tuned: YOU could be next.

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  • jonsie

    I want to be next.

    Scratch that.

    I deserve to be next.

    Thank you, and goodnight.