i can feel you happening all around me

i think i wrote a poem with that title in a high school creative writing class.

it’s just a blog. i know, i know. it’s not the messiah or anything, but it’s another way of talking, and it can be a tool.

i’m trying to say that i’ve had lots of search engine hits land at theteet.com recently for “i just had a miscarriage” or ”miscarriage help” or “my mother won’t talk to me about my miscarriage” or even the hearbreaking ”i just had a miscarriage and I have no idea.”


i’m coming, i’m coming, i’m coming.

you are breaking my heart. i pray that you are not alone. and that you got out with the good drugs. none of that Tylenol-3 bullshit.

two encourageing conversations later — one with mother-in-law teter and one with mae and i’m ready.

i’m writing a book and tomorrow i’m going to a meeting to learn how to be a nurse. life is … well, you get the idea.

don’t tell eric.

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  • NiceKnapSack

    Book = tasty

  • colleen

    for real? a book and a nurse? look out.

  • theteet

    i mean why not, right?

    who is sexy niceknapsack?