my mama turned 49

last weekend we tempted fate and had a birthday dinner with mom and my sister. although amanda had an unnerving headache throughout the meal, we made it through the whole thing without anyone’s brain bleeding!

good job, 2009.

i knew you had it in you.

i am feeling pain for others who are not having the best week or the best year. if you’ve lost a job or a baby or a column or a longtime friend, if you’ve been sent to the hospital or if you really, really need to GO to the hospital (seriously, go to the doctor) — please know that i am thinking of you. i am with you. we are together. and i must say, shit looks good on you.

but i’ve written a strongly worded letter to 2009, and i’m hoping it gets the message.

i’ve never rooted for a year so strongly in my life.

and i’m willing to overlook anything as to avoid giving 2009 a label that will order up the impending doom of the next 10 months.

although … twice as many people seem to be reading my blog these days compared to, like, December. which makes me nervous. skin and tragedy always attract  a crowd. the vultures are circling for the next big thing. or maybe you are hoping i’ll be overly dramatic.

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