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And then there were three…

Went out to the coop last night and Maybel TC had gone to be with Jesus — and, presumably, her boyfriend Balls. Although I’m not really sure about the condition of his soul. I only hope they are spending the … Continue reading

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my best chicken

chickens are creatures of habit. every evening at dusk they line up in order of dominance on their roost and we shut the door to protect them from a-hole souless chicken-killing predators. (not talking about humans this time.) when one … Continue reading

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we need to sight the gun in the morning.

somewhere, a skunk and his buddy are sitting in a coffee shop, contemplating the events of the previous evening. citing Divine Intervention, one will become ambivalent toward his life of crime. and when two other varmints try to rob the … Continue reading

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a particularly useless post

seth and were i knee-deep in our own sewage the other day, snaking out a clogged septic drain with this 200-pound monster we rented from Home Depot (well, okay — seth was covered … i had retreated to the highest … Continue reading

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Black Thursday: The Revenge

When faced with a shitty economy, tough decision have to be made. If I were running a company, I think it makes sense to ax the most enthusiastic, hard-working and least paid employee. You know. The one who liked his … Continue reading

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Protected: A saga continued.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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i just wrote a blog post that is all kinds of wrong

but i physically cannot keep myself from publishing it. it’s circling in draft form. i think i’m going to do one of those password-protected posts!!!! only an elite circle of people will be permitted read it. uh … those who … Continue reading

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In the next 10 minutes

things are going to go from peaceful, quiet morning to hellish, key-pounding interview desperation time. It’s a very busy day, relatively. So I am doing the honorable thing by blogging now so that you may catch up with me at … Continue reading

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Lil’Peckers: Meat-N-Greet?

so, i’ve got to be honest. seth and i were in a little bit of a panic because just after we have promised about 30 chickens to various kind-hearted souls, we had confirmed that our secret Amish chicken-killing family down … Continue reading

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People I Drink With: a new series at

¬†welcome to the inaugural issue of People I Drink With! ¬† in effort to bolster theteet readership, and knowing his tendency to read or view only the things that somehow include him, i have decided to blog about getting drinks … Continue reading

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