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Jesse James had hands like these: Rahmmie describing the size of his To-Do list

Jesse James had hands like these: Rahmmie describing the size of his To-Do list

I don’t want to compromise  my integrity, but I’m a registered Democrat. I have been one my entire adult life, which began roughly in the year 2000. 

So you can understand I am feeling all sorts of new things in the past 30-some days.

In heavily-Dem areas, say, where I work all day every day, I tend to lean quite a bit to the right. When I’m in Knox County, I let my blue colors roam the countryside like a slobbery bulldog.

I’m waiting to listen to the president to take care of some business, and here’s what I’m thinking right now:

So I’m listening to my conservative friends complain about the stimulus package and our careening path toward Socialism or something the other day — and the strangest thing happened. A wave of relief swept over me.

I don’t have anything to get worked up about.

I believe that our country is led by a smart person.

For once, I can be the partisan idiot with a blind confidence in my government.  I can remain calm and convinced that our leader is making the best decisions he can during these times of trail. I can sit back and watch the other guy get all sweaty and nervous full of mistrust and fear.

Because I remember what it was like to be on the other side. I can remember feeling repulsed by every news story I heard on the radio.

I remember feeling so worked up and defeated and helpless and concerned for the future of America — only to resign to a powerless crying heap on the floor. 

Nationally, there is no check right now. You are the check. And there is a certain bond — a renewed sense of righteous indignation — in hating the way your president is running the country. At least for the first six years or so. 

So go ahead, conservative friends.

I will not rebuke you. I will not argue. Because I remember what it felt like. And you’re probably reading the newspapers a lot more closely than I am. You might be right about some of those things but probably not the stuff you read on conservative blogs, but … My god.

Michelle Obama looks really hot in that outfit.

oooooooooooo but she’ll never compare to Rahm Emanuel. He is my new boyfriend. I bet he is gettin’ shit done tonight.

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  • lmarie

    Arg. You know I love you, Teter, but man if this post didn’t get me riled (I know that just makes you more gleeful). Because, just so you know, some of your “conservative friends” were probably just as frustrated as you were by some of the s*** that went down the last eight years (especially the money stuff, which is exactly what we’re complaining about now). In spite of my fears, I had hoped that Obama would walk his pre-election talk about money. Its extremely disheartening, after years of bemoaning the Repubs’ wastefulness, that I’m looking ahead to eight more years of the same. Yes, it is enough to make me want to cry on the floor. I feel like Jacob must have when he woke up married to Leah instead of Rachel. :P

  • theteet

    sorry, lis, but you don’t count as “conservative.”

    you and lin are my kook libertarian friends. :D

    i fear you are always going to be tormented.

    i’m still trying to decide if the stimulus is wasteful or not. i don’t understand how it will translate into a happy economy, but i know i’d rather “waste” here than abroad defending our freedoms or whatever.

    plus, he says he’s going to reduce the deficit and end the war in, like, the next 10 days or something. oh, and fix health care, too. and extend study hall by one hour.

    i guess i blindly trust Obama because he doesn’t seem like he WANTS to fuck up America, and at the same time, he also seems very smart. moderate, even.

    Here is how my tiny mind works:

    1.) the only other solutions i’ve heard floated thus far are tax cuts, which haven’t worked so far, right?
    i know i’m more likely to spend $20 i’ve been given rather than a $20 credit i won’t have to pay on one of my bills.
    2.) rich people invest and create job, sure, but who is going to buy from these start-up ventures?
    giving money to dumb people, as Obama seems to have a penchant for, sounds like the best idea because the middle class, clearly, will not stow it away responsibly.
    we’re going to Costco with that shit.
    and isn’t that what America needs right now?

    that and high-speed rail?

  • Jaydubs

    I think I come from the complete other end of the spectrum from dear ol’ Lisa, as I’m fairly certain that I am, for all intents and purposes, a socialist. (I will admit to only a surface understanding of socialism, but the more I understand of it, the more I like it.)

    So, in a lot of respects, Obama isn’t enough of a liberal for lil’ ol’ me.

    Personally, I think that the stimulus package is what we need right now. I don’t think it’s gonna be perfect — there will probably be some waste in certain areas, and other areas in which funding would be helpful, but just isn’t gonna happen — but it should better our current situation. I just think government intervention is the only way we can break this death-spiral our economy’s in.

    On a related note, Obama is the Anti-Christ/Hitler:


    I’m glad that we’re hearing voices from all sides on this post. And I’m gonna throw you a curve, LT – I don’t think we’re in this situation because of big gubment – I think what needs to change is our attitude as a people, not the political makeup of the legislative branch. ‘Murka is where it is because most of us have become scared and lazy (myself included). We’re all afraid we can’t do it ourselves, or that if we ignore the problem it’ll go away.

    We should raise chickens.

  • lmariea

    Look at us politickin’ up a storm. ;)
    Think you’re probably right about Lin and I being doomed to eternal political frustration.
    Thanks for not lumping us in with “the Right.” It’s much more complicated than that.
    I still love you, socialist friend Jenny. I think that socialism would be fab if it worked. I just think that it doesn’t.
    For me, I’m going to have to fall back on my religion on this one. The world is broken, and no matter what kind of government we try to use to fix it, it remains as imperfect as the men who run it. The creation groans for God’s eventual redemption. Our attempts at Utopia … futile.

  • theteet

    the disciples were at least socialists. if not communists.

    i’m not sure which government structure they thought worked best, tho.

    i think they just mostly got by on magic.

    although the fishes-into-loves thing was the first welfare system, i believe.