Expanding our empire.

Majority owners of Bangs, Ohio.

We’re taking advantage of our neighbor’s desperation and low interest rates to purchase the 3.26 acres to my right. Wish us luck as we navigate “balloon rates” and other sorts of terrifying language on all these papers we’re signing.

10 acres sounds better than 6.5, doesn’ it? Plus, I would literally kill myself (literally!) if I drove home one day and saw a modular on the vacant land next to us. *shiver*

So first we shall conquer Bangs, then onto Brandon. Perhaps one day Homer?


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  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh. If you get some goats on that land of yours, I will figure out where in the heck Bangs is and get there for some goat lovin’! Er…uh…the non-perverse kind of goat loving that is. Just heavy petting (What????).


    Dammit, I’ve been pricing modulars for the last six months!!!!

  • theteet

    hahaha … there are only two people i would allow to live in modulars on my lawn: Merlin and Shelby!!! :)

  • Ed P.

    I drove through here on my way home from Bellville tonight. I was not stalking you even though I had a Buddy Miller cd in the car with me.

    Any of those roads 36/3?

    Who is going to mow all that?