The good thing about not getting anything done on the house is that our normal construction time has been spent with quality people. Visitors, even. Which is a rare and wonderful treat in Bangs, Ohio. I always feel bad asking people to come up. So if you have any interest, please invite yourself. We love to have people in our crazy, messy house.

But who in their right mind would drive to Bangs on Valentine’s Day?

These people!

That’s right, of all the choices in all of Central Ohio, Lin Rice and soon-to-be Lisa Rice were kind enough to trek north to Bangs, a small exurb of Cleveland,  for a dinner of Teter-Range® chicken ‘n’ taters. Mr. Rice offered some of his kill for the grill, and Seth & I were all able to try venison for the first time. It was a meal fit for a true ruralite. 

For desert, Lisa offered this 350-pound chocolate/peanut butter/drizzled cake that I still think of every time I make love to my husband. It was a tremendous cake. Unfortunately for Seth, who had attempted to will her to forget, Lisa did not forget to take the cake home when they left in the morning. He’s been in mourning ever since.

Maybe one of the best parts was that in honor of their visit, we moved all the tools off our way-too-huge dinning room table, and moved in into the center of our foyerish area. (I know, it doesn’t make sense, but we have our bed in the living room, so it fits with the whacked out floor plan right now.) We have not eaten on a table since we lived in Bangs. This has caused me a great deal of stress.

Now, instead of balancing our plates on our laps, we have a place to sit upright and eat, without hunching over onto the coffee table, even!

It’s like that great sense of relief when we finally got floors: I feel like a human being again.

So thank you, Lin and Lisa, for giving us the courage to have a table again. And for talking to us on it. I could not have imagined a better Valentine’s Day.

AND THEN, just moments ago, miss CRANKIN left Bangs to traverse home.

A hero among men: endured skunks, humping wolves and Tap Room No. 21

A hero among men: she endured skunks, humping wolves and Tap Room No. 21

After stuffing ourselves with a deadly amount of Indian food (yes, strangely, there’s a really good Indian restaurant in Mt. Vernon) we went to Family Video, and rented a movie, which was quite quaint.

The store broke ground, like, 6 weeks ago, which we thought odd, considering it’s not the 90s anymore. But since it opened, the video store in Mount Vernon is always packed full. I thought that it was just because entertainment options in this town are quite limited, and that people hadn’t yet learned of Netflix, but we discovered another appeal. As I understand it, and Colleen can correct me if I’m wrong here, basically you get 10 free movies every time you walk in the door.

It’s almost enough to make me want to cancel my Netflix and drive – gasp —  into town to get the movies myself. 

It is seriously weird how many people are always in Family Video. They must have a secret free porn section or something. Colleen and I turned down the option to get a tour of the facility when I signed up for a membership.

Secondly, as a warning, if you ever see this beer, please run as far and as fast as you can:

Not worth the extra 50 cents: Tap Room No. 21

Not worth the extra 50 cents: Tap Room No. 21

Colleen, who is somewhat of a beer connoisseur, saw this brand at Kroger, or rather, the Pale Ale, and was like “Hmmm … I’ve never heard of this micro-brew before.” 

And it was $8.49, so it had to be good, right? We had found a secret treasure!!

But Colleen and I quickly figured out why the beer is only sold in the Knox County Kroger.

Now, I don’t have a picky palate when it comes to beer. Sure, there are beers I prefer, but I’ve never met a beer I couldn’t get down. And I went through that whole Natty Ice stage in college.

Neither Colleen nor I could gag this shit down. It was the WORST substance I have ever put to my lips. I even poured half of it on the floor to avoid drinking it, but could get a full beer down. Or even a quarter of it. Maybe it’s just brewed for cooking?

My apologies to the manufacturers, but that was some seriously bad beer.

What I meant to say was: Thanks for coming to my house and hanging out with me. I love every second of it.

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  • crankin7

    i was there and i still laughed my ass off when reading. priceless.

  • Jaydubs

    Repeating my missing comment: had you gone on the Family Video tour, you would have landed yet more free rentals (at least, word has it, that’s the case at the one by our office). I need to get a membership at that place, STAT.


    Totally a wonderful time. And no one fell through the stairs! You two are awesome, as always for having us up to visit. We shall engage in more outdoor shenanigans once the weather breaks.