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not hatin’, just sayin’

I have discovered a potential market. And God help me, I’m going to be funny. And real. And an effing millionaire when this is all over. And I already have about 5,000 words written.

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Live blogging the livestream.

I don’t want to compromise  my integrity, but I’m a registered Democrat. I have been one my entire adult life, which began roughly in the year 2000.  So you can understand I am feeling all sorts of new things in … Continue reading

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Lil’Peckers II: This time YOU can play along!

I’m getting ready to order our next round of spring chickens. Meat ‘n’ egg combo, anyone? With that said, I’m going to try to sell you something. Only I’m not going to make any money from it. In fact, I … Continue reading

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Expanding our empire.

We’re taking advantage of our neighbor’s desperation and low interest rates to purchase the 3.26 acres to my right. Wish us luck as we navigate “balloon rates” and other sorts of terrifying language on all these papers we’re signing. 10 … Continue reading

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not hatin’, just sayin’

Your credit score ranks higher than 78% of the nation’s population.

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The good thing about not getting anything done on the house is that our normal construction time has been spent with quality people. Visitors, even. Which is a rare and wonderful treat in Bangs, Ohio. I always feel bad asking … Continue reading

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We have a new life plan/dream.

A new opportunity has risen. Deets released later this week. Dear President Obama: I *heart* you. xoxo, Le Tete, Inc.

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Just give me the story and get out of my face.

I really, really, really hate everything that is happening in the field of journalism. 1.) First of all, with maybe 3 quarters of class, pretty much anyone can be a journalist. It’s hard to be a good one, but there is … Continue reading

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RIP Mary Ann Krauss.

(please click to achieve appropriate mood) So a chapter in our lives has come to a close. Our loving rooster, known in some social circles as “Balls,” went to be with his gracious Lord on Saturday night. We’ve had some … Continue reading

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it all started with an incriminating Facebook status message.

Maybel was sprayed by a skunk again. I’d read this from the bottom up, if I were you:   >>> Seth Teter 02/12/09 14:30 PM >>> u r a pp  Teth Seter Assistant Person, Ohio Ag News Stuff Office: 444.444.444 … Continue reading

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