Liveblogging a he said/she said:

this is a live transcript of a he said/she said, special “Saturday night watching TV in Bangs while Seth and Maybel eat edamame,” edition.

steter: ”maybel, i’m not going to let you suck every pod that comes out of my mouth”

steter: (in Maybel’s imaginary voice): ”can i just suck every third pod that comes out of your mouth?

l-jo: grinning and transcribing.

steter: whatcha doing, Carol?

l-jo, (realizing this won’t make sense to the reader): Carol Clownface!

steter: what?

l-jo: its’ what you call me when i grin widely!


l-jo: laughing hysterically at this point

steter:  what’s wrong with you, Belinda Gigglefits?

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  • colleen

    i just laughed… a lot… thank you. oh, the carols and the belindas! sigh.