i am me.

i don’t want to brag, but two nights ago, i got a NEGATIVE pregnancy test!!
that’s like, between 2 and 7 days earlier than the docs said would happen.

if there is one thing my uterus is good at, it’s expelling the products of conception. hurray!



we’re back.

back to square one.

and the feelings i’m feeling are mine. and not my hormones. and it turns out the real me is pretty sad, too. that’s sort of a relief. because i’m a little too much Johnson for my own good sometimes. there are a few people here who know what that means.

what i meant to say is that i’m glad i was able to cry even though my HCG levels are undetectable when i pee on a stick.

and i’m really worried that this whole experience has increased my tolerance for TMI. you guys already know too much. i wouldn’t want to further burden you.

what do you want to talk about next?

we’re taking suggestions.

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  • jessi

    Bowel movements?

  • theteet

    be careful what you wish for … mwahahaha