so, walker evans has unfriended you. now what?

well, i’m confused.
when was our love lost, Walker?
when was our love lost, Walker?

Walker Evans is the most popular man on the Internet. We used to be friends on Facebook. He even friended me after my byline showed up on a less-than-flattering portrait of him and his friends back in May. I thought that was big of him.

So, we were Facebook friends and it was cool. He was always the guy who showed up as a “common friend.” No matter who you clicked on, Walker Evans had already friended that person. It made me feel like social networking was a place where even people with differing opinions could get along and receive frequent status updates.
Then one day when I received another evite to a Columbus Underground meet-up, I noticed that I now had the option of adding Walker as a friend. What?! I thought we were already friends?
How did this happen? What did I do wrong? Maybe he mistakenly erased me? Should I send another request? Would that be too sad and desperate?
I was really upset initially, so I removed myself from the Columbus Underground Facebook group. I’m not sure my bold act of defiance was even noticed.
And how am I still getting all these meet-up invites?
There are so many questions.
Walker reiterated over and over again that he likes me, even though I can assume a “TOP” persona.  All of our correspondence has contained pleasant winkie-faces and cordial emoticons. Was this all a scam? Is he mad because I called him a “print journalist?”
I don’t even know what’s real anymore. 

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  • KittyM

    Wevens’ unfriending is a gift. Refriend and claim you are in a relationship.

  • lmarie

    Kitty is so right. Now he has the chance to be your internet husband!

  • Walker Evans

    You could have just asked me…

  • theteet

    yes, yes! i could have. but i wanted to bait you into commenting on here on my website at plus, that wouldn’t be nearly passive-aggressive enough.

    i don’t understand at all why you don’ t think i would be a wonderful friend.

    also, will you marry me?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I too subscribe to passive-aggressive-ism.

    It’s the best way to maybe kind of get what you want and then maybe not really have to admit that you were pissed if you lose … plus, I rarely stay mad enough long enough to maintain an out and out grudge…too much work.

  • donavon

    My bad, that was me, how passive-aggressive of me to comment and not leave my name! Or wait, what does passive-aggressive mean again?

    I don’t even know anymore. I might be mad at you.

  • Steve

    NNNOOO!!!! I thought I was still in the running for online husband. Boo to you Ohioans sticking together. Do you have no love for New England?

  • Dave Lemmon

    Funniest…post…ever. Glad I checked out your blog.

    Dave “Coremodels” Lemmon