new social media tool

always on the bleeding cusp of social media developments, theteet would like to make you aware of a new product:

Did ya hear?!!?!? Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, Flickr, Zoomr, Reddit, Yelp and Ustream probably are already obsolete! We proudly introduce … GRUNZ!!!!!

GRUNZ (pronounced “gruntz”) allows users to immediately send and receive short, grunt-based noises, or “grunts” to all their friends, co-workers and loved ones.

While cumbersome programs like Twitter require thoughts to drag on for up to 140 characters, GRUNZ allows users to send and receive immediate, on-the-go, up-to-the-second reactions — even before they’ve formed into words or phrases! Gone are the days busy working families have to waste time producing meaningful or developed forms of communication. Finally, with GRUNZ, human interaction can be virtually effortless!

Download now and receive Spreshins, a companion piece to GRUNZ, which allows users to attach low quality cell phone shots of their facial expressions to friends and loved ones!!!

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